Skaha Kennel Club is pleased to host the ASTCC Nationals/Specialties in 2024!

Intro to ASTCC Specialty

Location of Speciality:
11337 Dale Meadows Road, Summerland, BC

Date of Speciality and Sweepstakes:
Saturday, August 31, 2024

Judge(s): Patrick Mudge (Conformation Specialty/Juniors)
Judge(s): Wanda Tait (Sweepstakes)

ASTCC Booster: Friday, August 30, 2024

The Booster will be held in conjunction
with Skaha Kennel Club All-Breed Show/Skaha
All-Breed Show, which is running from
August 30 - September 2, 2024.

The American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Canada
will be holding Rally-O and Obedience, with highest
qualifying score of the SKC All-Breed Obedience trials.